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Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets Craigslist

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Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets Craigslist

A lot of people think that metal cabinet is sturdy and durable even overtime, that is why you can find a lot of vintage metal kitchen cabinets craigslist for sale. Furthermore it is less likely you would get kitchen moth if you use metal and rats would not be able to eat through your metal cabinet. If you want to know the brands of this vintage cabinet, then here are some inspirations you can use.
vintage metal kitchen cabinets craigslist 1

Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets Craigslist

Activity on the Forum has been as busy as I can ever recall. 52PostnBeam continues to do an amazing job unearthing vintage metal kitchen cabinets for sale all over the U.S. And Scathing Jane is all over vintage bathroom fixtures. They, and actual sellers, also post collectible appliances that show up on craigslist (mostly.) Today… a little selection of what’s popped up on the Forum recently. Above: 52PnB posted this amazingly beauteous set of vintage Morton metal kitchen cabinets currently available in that mecca of all mid-mod, St. Louis. Many thanks, 52PnB, and Scathing Jane, for all the work you do. I really appreciate it.
vintage metal kitchen cabinets craigslist 2

Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets Craigslist

This brand is known as the best brand that you can find in vintage metal kitchen cabinets craigslist for sale. So if you find one, then you can try to get this for yourself since they are still produced until early 2000. However there are reproduced products recently so you might need to be careful if you want authentic one, even though they have stopped producing them today.
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Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets Craigslist

1. Craigslist is probably the most common source for cabinet listings when you take into account the entire U.S. — and it’s crafted to serve your local market, which is important when selling huge items like kitchen cabinets.  I think they will only let you list in one city, and if that is their rule, you should abide by it.
vintage metal kitchen cabinets craigslist 4

Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets Craigslist

Also in St. Louis, these rarely seen (by me, at least) Youngstown kitchen cabinets that have a metal box and reportedly, a laminate door made to look like wood. Laminate? I’ve never seen a Youngstown catalog that referred to this. Are they sure these are not the Youngstown Monterey line of kitchen cabinets? There was something that manufacturers did to wood back on those days that got it really glossy and hard – almost like laminate. But it wasn’t laminate, I don’t think. I am going to have to do a whole post about this…
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Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets Craigslist

One-upping mere dumpster divers, Dr. Swanky spotted a house in the process of demolition and was able to scoop up this lovely mint green American Standard sink and more. Moreover, she posted the demo site on craigslist and reports that another mid-century home enthusiast swooped in the next day to collect more of what he could not take. Now that’s teamwork!
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The market for these cabinets is generally going to be very local. People will want to come look at them before they buy and to be sure, it will be a lot cheaper if they can pick them up rather than having to arrange for a moving company. But, “local” actually means “within driving distance” for someone who wants to buy a set of steel kitchen cabinets. So your marketing and outreach should really extend…3 or 4 hours in a circle around where you live, although I know of folks who have driven further to buy particular brand cabinets they need.

Finally, if your cabinets are in really bad shape — with tons of rust, for example — take a look at the hardware. There is a market for vintage cabinet pulls — in particular old Youngstown handles. And, people with the old Genevas are always eager to connect with the white plastic concave piece behind the chrome pull. And, folks want the knife hinges that connect the doors to the base and wall cabinets. If you have parts, I’d recommend eBay — as they are not expensive to ship.
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I’m in the market for a PRISTINE CONDITION GE or ST Charles or VIKING Steel kitchen for my daughter’s c. 1959 condo. It had a GE kitchen originally and out of 167 units, only two still have their original kitchens. She wants it restored and she’s a perfectionist like her dad. So if anyone knows of a complete (about 26’ +- linear feet of upper & lower cabinets complete with two corner units is humanly possible – although I can have them made if I have to, although doing so is costly in the extreme.) When we say “pristine” we mean almost no rust. . However, do not want something dented beyond repair with broken hinges etc. Paint doesn’t matter because they’ll be stripped and powder-coated and baked. Not quite the old fired-on enamel but as close as we can come today and the color choice is unlimited. Any sellers out there? We’re in AZ – so closer is better but will go to the east coast for the right group of cabinets at the right price.
vintage metal kitchen cabinets craigslist 9

And, good things come in threes. Denise spotted this new brand — Peerless-Mayer kitchen cabinets — for sale at Urban Miners in Connecticut. I like that harvest gold colored oven, too.
vintage metal kitchen cabinets craigslist 10

I have a full set of 1950s St. Charles Cabinets that I am going to be removing in the next month. They are white and blemish free, have built in pull outs, top of the line when installed. I live right outside of Detroit Michigan (Grosse Pointe), if interested I will provide pictures of them.
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My kitchen is all Hotpoint. Tags on the inside are somewhat readable. My problem is, they have been painted to look like wood. From what I could actually strip off, it looks like they were originally white, but the paint and stain is very hard to come off the doors. I want them red in the worst way. Help!!!!!

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